Wheel Loader Attachments

Wheel loaders operate in every imaginable environment from loose sand and gravel to rock hard quarries. For every application there’s a rugged Hensley bucket designed for maximum productivity and bucket protection products that enhance their groundbreaking performance.

GP Loader Bucket Typically used in sand and gravel applications. Truck loading and material handling. Standard configurations: straight lip with bolt on reversible edges or cast half arrow edges and bolt on heel plates. Our buckets are equipped with OEM base edges up to a 50 ton class loader that will allow for conversion to bolt on adapters and bolt on segments. Inside liners and vertical shrouds can be added on request.

HD Loader Bucket Used in applications that requires additional wear protection and greater penetration. Recommended for use in materials of low to medium abrasion. Dirt, compacted soil, shot or broken limestone, loose overburden material. Common configurations modified spade base edge with weld on adapters, bolt on segments, vertical shrouds, bolt on heel plates and optional liner. (Note: bolt on adapter arrangement available on most 17 to 50 ton class loaders) Inside Liner and Rock deflectors can be added upon request.

Rock Quarry Bucket Used in applications of extreme digging, high abrasion and high impact. Standard configurations: Include modified spade base edge weld on adapters, cast bolt on segments with cast bolt on top covers, vertical shrouds, inside liners, rock deflectors and bolt on heel plates. J-Bolt mechanical lip shrouds can be used in place of bolt on segments in most cases.

Coal Bucket Available in two types: Coal Digging and Coal Loading. Application is for loading coal from stock pile or digging direct from the coal seam. Coal loading bucket standard configurations: include straight lip or modified spade lip. Either a smooth lip with no protection made from 400bnh material; lip with weld on edge protector or bolt on edges. Coal digging buckets standard configurations: straight or modified spade lip with weld on flush mount or two leg wrap around adapter.


Bucket Protection and Accessories

 Research and real world experience have guided Hensley engineers to develop a range of economical, easy-to-use bucket protection products and accessories.

  • Vertical Shrouds — Protecting buckets from abrasive wear prolongs bucket life and protects your investment. Hensley offers a huge assortment of wear shrouds
  • Half Arrow Segments — Mechanically attached loader lip protection between adapters
  • Top Covers — Mate up with segments to protect the top of the lip between adapters
  • Bolt-on Edges — Designed for end-to-end or side-to-side positioning on all high-wear areas, they provide continuous protection against severe abrasion
  • Laminite delivers the ultimate protection against impact and high abrasion in some of the harshest conditions. The result: reduced maintenance and less downtime
  • Rock Deflectors: Outside edge of loader bucket that deflects rocks away from the tires
  • Wear Runners — Mechanically attached replaceable wear protection with weld-on bases
    Bolt-on Wear & Heel Plates: Positioned on all high-wear areas, they provide continuous protection against severe abrasion
  • Solid Spill Guards — Slotted on corners for the operator
  • Inside & Outside Liners — Added hardened plate for inside and outside of the bucket to reduce wear