Hensley has been designing, engineering and manufacturing safe, reliable and productive G.E.T., wear parts and attachments for excavators for more than 60 years. Our innovative and proprietary designs help increase productivity, reduce costs and improve safety.


XS (Extreme Service)

XS is Hensley’s patented system of ground engaging tools that takes strength, durability, performance and productivity to the extreme. Our engineers have analyzed where and how your machines work, and designed a system with a wide range of safe, economical and hard-working solutions. The XS System components deliver maximum wear and value to every application.

Direct Replacement Parts

Hensley offers a complete line of direct replacement parts for mining G.E.T., and a wide selection of replacement parts for OEMs to be used with Hensley excavator buckets and most other bucket brands.  We also offer our Dura brand as a high quality and low cost alternative.


Hensley sidecutters are designed to protect buckets and improve productivity. Standard bolt-on sidecutters cut clearance for the bucket and expand bucket capacity. Strike-off sidecutters protect the bucket cheek plates without cutting additional clearance. Beyond Hensley’s proprietary products, direct replacements are available for Caterpillar and Esco-style buckets including extension plates. Hensley also offers a universal J-bolt sidecutter that can be retrofitted to any bucket regardless of bolt hole pattern.


Protecting your excavator bucket from abrasive wear prolongs its life and protects your investment. Hensley offers a huge assortment of wear shrouds.

  • Lip Shrouds Without lip shrouds, the leading edge of the bucket is exposed to constant abrasive wear. Hensley has a wide range of universal lip shrouds available in weld-on, and J-bolts styles for virtually any machine.

  • Vertical Shrouds Vertical shrouds protect the cheek plates of excavator buckets. Hensley offers a large selection of vertical shrouds with different styles and sizes to match a wide range of equipment. Proprietary systems are available to retrofit any bucket, with the convenience of a pin-on system. Universal weld-on shrouds and direct replacements are also available.

  • Cast Corner Shrouds The bucket heel can be exposed to aggressive wear if not properly protected, resulting in premature bucket failure. Cast corner shrouds will prolong the life of a bucket by providing the necessary wear protection. Hensley offers a large selection of weld-on corner shrouds that can be easily added to any bucket subject to this type of wear.


Laminite® delivers the ultimate protection against impact and high abrasion in some of the harshest conditions. The result: reduced maintenance and less downtime.